New Key Account Manager

Av Anne Kristiansen – Publisert 8. June 2020

Jan B. Harsvik (46) is the new Key Account Manager Aquaculture for Protan.

Over the past few years, the Protan Group has increased its range of innovative and environmentally friendly, high-quality products for aquaculture. We are now further strengthening our commitment by bringing Jan Harsvik on as KAM Aquaculture. Jan comes from the position as sales manager for technical textile aquaculture at FiiZK (formerly Botngaard). He has great expertise in aquaculture; we are proud to have Jan on the team.

Harsvik has worked in the aquaculture supplier industry for several years. He has extensive experience in the use of Technical Textiles to combat sea lice. He is used to working closely with customers to make sure that products and services fulfill their needs and requirements.

Jan already had experience as a Chef and Sommelier at well-known hotels and restaurants in Norway and Europe when he entered the world of aquaculture supplies.

– Protan Group is a International market leader in its segment, and when they asked if I wanted to join the team it was an easy decision to make. I look forward to work for an exciting company that has a lot to offer the aquaculture industry. The strong focus on innovative and sustainable solutions that do not emit microplastics is one of the main reasons I chose to join the Protan Group, says Harsvik.

– In my experience many companies still choose standard solutions for technical textiles without taking into account the different challenges that affect the different sites. Protan has tremendous in-house expertise and in collaboration with the aquaculture companies we can make local customization that will lead to far better results.

In 2019, Protan became a major supplier for the aquaculture industry by supplying sustainable and innovative products such as lice skirts and cleaner fish hides. Our designs have greatly contributed to reducing the plastic pollution and the use of rope and lead in the aquaculture industry. We see increased demand for our products both in Norway and abroad; getting Jan on the team will strengthen our commitment, says Frank Utheim, Director of Roofs, Membranes and Technical Textiles.