Clean Fish System

Clean Fish System

Artificial seaweed, produced with environmental-friendly and recyclable PVC, provides the fish with an authentic and protective habitat – completely free of micro plastic fragments.

Traditional artificial seaweed made out of plastic has to be replaced every 6-7 months. Our seaweed, made out of thermoplastic PVC, lasts up to three times longer in sea water. After that, the product can be returned to Protan and recycled into new PVC products. Furthermore, by choosing Protan’s artificial seaweed the amount of rope needed is significantly reduced.

In order to keep the seaweed from moving in waves and currents, Protan has replaced environmentally harmful lead sinkers with the magmatic rock type larvikite.

You can avoid the use of chemicals for delousing by combining our clean fish system with our patented sea lice skirts.

Protan has a vast portfolio of aquaculture textiles in stock at all times, which ensures short delivery times and flexibilty for you as a customer.


Protan’s artificial seaweed made of PVC:

• 100 % recyclable materials, no lead or micro plastic
• Extreme strength: Long life, low maintenance, low cost
• Drinking water approved
• Eliminates micro plastic pollution to sea
• Produced and developed in Norway

Grieg Seafood voices sustainability concerns – chooses environmental-friendly PVC

How can we reduce the critical amount of plastic waste in fish farming? World leading aquaculture company Grieg Seafood has shown the way forward by pioneering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. A great example is artificial seaweed made from 100 percent recyclable and drinking water approved PVC.

Combating sea lice while preserving the environment

The salmon louse is a huge problem for the aquaculture industry. Fighting lice has often required chemicals and other environmental hazards. With a new innovative sea lice skirt solution, Grieg Seafood has come much closer to the dream scenario of eco-friendly delousing.